Members of Brain Family

Benefits for clients

  1. You get 3 specialised agencies in one family.
  2. One account team manages all operations.
  3. You can outsource all of your key brand activities.
  4. We connect data from every agency, measure them and improve the communication.

Benefits for agencies

  1. We cooperate, share projects and one account team.
  2. The shared account team unites the activity of all our specialists into a single, fully-optimized process.
  3. The power of group helps to save the costs individual agencies have.
  4. Our group mentality allows us to attract & build the most precious asset of every agency: talent.
  5. We grow together and share know-how and marketing activities.

“When an agency wants to bring value to brands, its work has to be flawless in several disciplines. We didn’t want to be an agency that says a lot but delivers nothing. That’s why we founded Brain Family. Now we are able to conduct a precise research and build a strong strategy along with a perfect execution to create measurable impact.”

Foto Lukáč Krčil

Lukáš Krčil
CEO of Brain One

Introducing Brain Family

Let us tell you more about our group of specialised agencies

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