About the client

AIDO is a group of financial advisors selling financial, insurance and investment products to retail clients in the Czech Republic

The challenge

Every project we approach always starts with us taking a moment to consider what the biggest challenges are and what could help our client the most. We try to pick one real priority, so that our work has the biggest effect on client’s business possible. But this time there was really a quite few challenges, we felt we need to focus on.

1. Each of the regional units of the group was telling a different brand story when acquiring new customers, which caused varying business performance across the teams.

2. Low levels of collaboration and communication resulting in limited knowledge exchange between regions and teams and need for repetitive ad-hoc trainings. 

3. Softening sound of the company translating into slower acquisition of new consultants and the rise of hiring cost.

Our approach

We had to understand the company from inside out if we wanted to be successful in solving all of the above. And as differentiation was one of the objectives, we had to understand the competitive landscape as well. This prefigured our methodology:

  • Series of in-depth interviews with consultants from different teams to get their view on problems in question

  • Interviews with competitive consulting firm consultants

  • Interviews with all of the regional managers

  • Thorough competitive analysis

  • Two business workshops

Specifically we found out that from the product point of view, all companies were selling the same. Even the commissions paid were similar. But we realized the key argument for consultants: it was the quality of relationships and work-life balance, which was really difficult to achieve given the administrative overload. So these initial steps were essential for us to understand what foundations must be laid for the employer brand and what rational and emotional attributes the brand must own in order to unite regional managers and their teams around company headquarters.

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The new brand strategy was codified, captured into the brand guide and accompanied with internal-external and internal communication plan. 

But the new strategy was quite dramatically different from the existing one. Therefore we decided the company needed to rebrand in order to support the company story.  

Two additional workshops gave birth to a new company names and original visual identity with strong symbolic and narrative with roots in shared company values.  

Formerly Franchise & Pool, now AIDO tells one united story to both customers and new colleagues. The story of progressive company, where technology does all the routine work, so that human relationships, collaboration and segment know how can truly blossom.


We knew the name had to reflect the agility of the company. The freedom it gave to its advisors. The technology and automation background. And it had to give us a good basis for the visual identity to reflect these values. 

After hundreds of iterations, we found it. AIDO. The beginning of an Idea. A combination of “I” and “do”. A beautifully symmetrical name for a fresh, driven company.

Look and identity

We wanted not just a logo, but a dynamic visual system that could be bent and reshaped to represent all the company's values.

In the end, our identity comprises of four distinct symbols that put AIDO together, but can be recombined to capture different concepts.

  • The sharp triangle of the A representing growth and an upward pointing arrow.
  • I an 0, two bits of information at the heart of a digital first company.
  • AI which we use to optimize trades
  • AID to represent the top tier help and service AIDO provides
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This system was complemented by a geometric, sans-serif font and a fresh colour palette to symbolise the fusion of cutting edge technology and human approach AIDO is based on.

The outcomes:

Revised brand strategy, codified in easy to consume brand guide. 

New brand name, endorsed by differentiating yet highly relevant visual identity.     

Real results

  • 16 in-depth interviews with financial advisors
  • 4 variants of visual identity
  • 30+ options for redesigned brand name
  • 12 weeks from kick off to new employer brand

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