About the client

Atairu created and developed the concept of authentic leadership to train the best managers in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The challenge of building
a credible B2B brand

We helped Atairu communicate in a professional and credible way
so as to distinguish themselves from other, inferior coaching brands.

Redesign of visual identity

We created the company’s visual identity to reflect its philosophy. Among other things, this can be seen in the shape and colours of its logo.

  • New identity
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  • New logo
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  • New logo story
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  • Colours
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  • Icons
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  • Definition
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New team photos

A new, credible website
with programme details

The brand’s identity is woven into its new website, which generates valuable leads for its leadership programmes.

Campaign for Atairu's Leadership Games

We raised brand awareness and generated leads for Atairu’s leadership games programme by promotion videos featuring top Czech leaders, and even writing an e-book.

Website for Leadership Games

Becoming real partners

We worked closely with Atairu to recruit a team that could further develop its brand, and our partnership with the company is still active today.

Real results

  • Boost Of brand
  • Plan Of marketing
  • 260 Programme
  • 500K People reached
    by campaign

"Brain was a fantastic partner. Working with them was very special thanks to their personal touch, practical approach and focus on real business impact. Simply we weren’t one of thousand for them."

Foto Radka Dohnalová

Radka Dohnalová,
CEO, Atairu

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