About the client

CZC is the number-two e-shop selling electronics on the Czech market. It occupies a strong position and has loyal customers. But this was not true when we started.

How to restore a brand’s pride
and set it apart from the rest

3 years ago, the brand was perceived as a grey mouse. Without emotions. It used a C-letter avatar, actually all competitors used cartoon characters. This had to be changed.

A brand strategy of geek
employees never seen before

We wanted CZC to be authentic. When we found out that the employees were a bunch of geeks, we decided play this as a one of the brand’s strengths. The employees became the creative leitmotiv and main stars of all ads.

  • Why the employees?
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  • Why the employees?
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  • Why the employees?
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  • Why the employees?
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How we implemented the strategy

We cooperated with the company’s leaders to introduce brand to each of its 250 employees.
We developed every campaign together with employees from all departments. We call this co-creating.

We kick-started the brand with a simple campaign and new merchandising

The interest of employees, business partners and customers in the marchandising was so big that we gave away more than 3500 t-shirts in the first year alone.

4 years, 14 campaigns together

Christmas campaign 2018 – was a holiday peace offering to CZC's biggest competitor.

Summer campaign 2018 – marvelled about the big apple conspiracy and unknown upsides of pears.

Summer campaign 2018 – explained the drive and motivation coming from CZC's chip on the shoulder.

Christmas 2017 campaign – revealed that, even though they are number #2, they try twice as hard as the other guys.

Autumn 2017 campaign – proved that adults should never stop playing.

Spring 2017 campaign – showed how the individual employees of CZC love electronics… because being a geek is a lifestyle.

Brand building is a long distance
run, but worth every step

Brand building isn’t immediately effective. It takes years for employees adopt, live and promote a new brand image. But eventually, they do, and we were proud to help kickstart the process and grow the brand.

Real results

  • 20% Increase in
  • 75% Advertisement
  • 30+ Brainstormings
    with client
  • Most Authentic brand
    in e-commerce

"Brain is always a step ahead, so we sleep well at night. They are precise, reliable and more than serious about our brand. It’s been a pleasure to push it forward with them."

Foto Milan Duda

Milan Duda,
Marketing Director, CZC.cz

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