About the client

Databreakers is an international AI startup that helps companies maximize their potential via innovative work with data.

Telling the right story

The work of Databreakers is so complex and advanced that it is
almost indescribable. Our challenge was to describe it, simply.

First, we consolidated their brand story, united their brand values and suggested they adopt the Magician brand archetype.
Then, we redesigned their logo and adapted communication to all of the above.

Making the data and artificial
intelligence world visual

After our initial workshops with the client, which sought to
define and position the brand, we created a new visual identity.

  • New logo
    Slide 1
  • New colours
    Slide 2
  • Data-based illustrations
    Slide 3
  • Data-based illustrations
    Slide 4
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

A website that illustrates
the magic of data

The website contains not only a clear business proposition, but also an interactive introductory animation, and tailored graphic illustrations.

Rich interactive elements

  • Slide 1

    Introduction to Databreakers

  • Slide 2

    Data analysis page

  • Slide 3

    Contact page

Real results

  • Clear Visual identity
    and brand
  • New Interactive
  • 11 Data-based
  • 30K Symbols in
    animation code

"It is not always easy to understand what we do in detail. But Brain boiled it down into a single, easily digestible pill. They then turned it into a great brand story, UX and website."

Foto Nikol Honová

Nikol Honová,
CEO, Databreakers

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