About the client

Eta is a traditional and reputable Czech brand of home appliances. We promoted their line of vacuum cleaners.

What we did together

Challenge accepted

The client challenged us with a brief to increase
sales of their new line of dog-friendly vacuum cleaners.

Simple insight and leitmotive

Czech people love to compare puppies to vacuum cleaners because
they both eat anything. So why not write a story about a contest
between the two, and find some kids to play long?

Video that aired on TV and online
in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Well-performing and cute
microsite with Eta products

We created a microsite full of puppies and vacuum cleaners – both of which are adorable. You can even use it to browse all pet-friendly Eta products!

Over 10 000 shares of microsite

For every share of the website, we donated 1 Czech crown
to a dog shelter. We reached over 10,000 shares in less than 1 month!

Real results

  • 10K Microsite
  • 10K Donated to local
    dog shelter
  • 30% Annual sales
    growth of category
  • 430K Online video
    view in total

"I like the drive and professionalism that Brain brought to the project, together with the fact that they included an element of charity in our campaign. Their business is clearly not only about money and marketing."

Foto Eva Šimková

Eva Šimková,
Marketing Specialist, Eta

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