About the client

After 10 years on the market, Heureka has become the biggest price comparison service in the Czech Republic.

Determining the future of Heureka

The position and future of the brand were unsure. Since its foundation, the brand had changed owners 3 times, and thus had to prove its strength and trustworthiness from the inside out.

Back to the original intention:
to be a great price comparison service

During the unsure times, Heureka wanted to change into an online marketplace, which was a good decision back then. However, the market had changed, and the company needed a new strategy…

A new strategy to be the best shopping advisor

The consumer world has become so complicated that people need increasing help in deciding which products and services are right for them. Enter Heureka: a service that will help customers make the right shopping decisions.

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How we implemented the strategy

Together with Heureka, we prepared a new product vision and roadmap.
Rather than just drafting a PDF, we took the strategy to its logical conclusion, executing it both internally and externally.

Steps we took to
implement the brand

Workshops with company management and all department leaders.

Workshop with the product team resulting in a long-term and short-term product roadmap.

Remote all-staff meeting to explain our brand strategy and implementation.

Communication of the strategy to Heureka’s key e-commerce partners.

Campaign towards customers to communicate purpose and benefits, created by Saatchi & Saatchi.

Real results

  • From Research and
    brand strategy
  • To Implementation
    & communication
  • 200 Hours spent with
    internal team
  • 5 Workshops with
    internal teams

"A great and thorough strategy is key, which is why we wanted to design it with an expert like Brain. Thanks to their know-how and professional approach, we created together a strong strategy that is being successfully implemented."

Foto Tomáš Braverman

Tomáš Braverman,
CEO, Heureka

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