About the client

Isover is an innovative and reliable international company that is number one on the Czech insulation market.

How to market an invisible product

The brand was already well known among B2B customers, but the time had come to spread awareness among B2C customers who perceived insulation as an invisible product.

No campaign without
proper brand strategy

The main task was to create a digital marketing campaign. But first we had to understand the brand and outline its strategy.

  • Situation
    Slide 1
  • Customer benefit
    Slide 2
  • Reasons to believe
    Slide 3
  • Communication
    Slide 4
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

We turned strategy into
a simple, creative leitmotiv

For an original presentation of the brand’s benefits, we had a real craftsman, Lukáš, demonstrate that ISOVER is “Craftsmen’s favourite insulation.”

  • Build anything, comfortably
    Slide 1
  • Perfect thermal insulation
    Slide 2
  • From basement to rooftop
    Slide 3
  • Extra-long lifetime
    Slide 4
  • Insulation pleasant to the touch
    Slide 5
  • Low lambda, new standard
    Slide 6
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

We created landing
pages using the new design

This is just the beginning of the brand

We regularly use this leitmotiv in other campaigns and touchpoints to raise awareness and demand for ISOVER products.

Autumn 2017 campaign – promoted the ISOVER SmartApp for end customers and applicants.

Year-round content strategy – introduced the brand to those considering home renovation or construction.

Summer 2017 OOH campaign – conducted with ISOVER partners and distributors.

Spring 2017 campaign – promoted the brand and DOMO Plus, its key seasonal product.

Real results

  • High Ad recall in
    each campaign
  • 50K Mobile app
  • 50% Growth in
    online sales
  • 16 Articles in
    content strategy

"What we appreciate most is Brain’s focus on measurable results rather than branding for its own sake, which was a problem with the other agencies we’ve hired. Cooperation was smooth, and the benefits have been tangible."

Foto Libor Urbášek

Libor Urbášek,
Marketing Manager, ISOVER

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