About the client

Mall is the second largest e-commerce company in the Czech Republic. It has branches in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

Mall became the leader of Mall Group

In 2016, the e-shop had to find its position in new Mall Group holding,
define its strategy and clearly advertise its unique benefits to customers.

Together with the brand’s management,
we defined the “Mall 2020” strategy

This was a vision of the company in 2020, including brand and product strategies. We positioned the company as a customer-centric e-shop with a distinct offer in terms of communication and products.

  • Customer insight
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  • Vision 2020
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  • Key value
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How we built a truly helpful campaign
with a Secret Santa hack

The strategy of an e-shop for heavy online shoppers was brought to life via a Christmas campaign. First, customers provided the email addresses of their loved ones on our site. Then, we found out what their loved ones wanted without saying who was asking, and sent it back to the customers.

50 000 wishes, 1 e-shop

Using this simple strategy, customers have had over 50 000 emails
sent to their friends and relatives. This has enhanced perception
of the brand and, above all, boosted sales.

The most successful Mall campaign

The 360° campaign was broadcast on TV, and launched on- and offline throughout Czechia, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Key campaign visuals

Campaign built with client

The campaign was designed in cooperation with Mall marketing
teams, and they’ve continued to develop it since.

The campaign was adapted to the Polish market with a video that went viral. Credits: Mall.pl team.
The campaign was adapted with a video featuring Leoš Mareš that also went viral. Credits: Mall.cz team, UBER, Publishers.

Real results

  • 140K Visitors
    to the site
  • 50K Wishes sent
    through the site
  • Lift Of the brand
  • New Brand identity
    as a caregiver

“Having a clear brand definition was always top of mind at Mall Group. Brain One helped us create a long-term brand vision and strategy. I highly recommend working with them, as they are clear, fun, and thorough in the brand development process.”

Foto Sean Gaddis

Sean Gaddis,
CMO, Mall Group

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