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Major player in the building and loans societies association, member of the Societe Generale Group. One of the most traditional brands in the segment, distributing its services online and offline through the network of more than 200 sales centers.

Long company history will not meet the growing demands of generational change

Modra pyramida had helped nearly half million clients reconstruct, purchase, insure or re-finance their housing since 1993. But in 2019, the situation looked not great. Sales figures were flat to declining across the entire portfolio, no particularly image attribute stood out for the brand, young people saw the brand quite irrelevant and the army of financial advisors were thinking what to do. They were confused. People were not asking for their services as much as they did before. They were confused too - about what Modra can do for them. Different brand manages have taken Modra pyramida several different directions and have told them different stories over the years.

How create a strategy that fits the brand like a shell?

We knew we had to cement the brand strategy for now and later and come up with the concise and relevant brand story. And to find a compelling brand story, we conducted series of insider interviews, brand workshops, thorough desk research, analysis of market research data, user generated content and customer feedback.

Can advertising as a soap opera distinguish a brand from others?

John Hegarty is famous for saying: “When the world zigs, zag”.

Well, in the world of mortgage and loan advertising, the whole segment was very much zigging. Pseudo-authentic, “slices of life” stories with no stylisation talking about how easy it is to get your dream home were the norm. We begged to differ.

Between 2015 and 2019, real estate prices skyrocketed by over 80% in some regions. Combined with higher labour costs and massive tourism, the opportunity to buy your own place was eluding many people. Plus the buerocratic burden meant that even if you got the resources, buying, building or renovating was tedious process.

We wanted to be real about this and acknowledge all these issues of the marker, but to do so through a crazy, distinctive form. To convey that finding or renovating a home is never easy, but Modrá pyramida makes it easier than most, we created a concept called “No need to live in drama”.

Through using cinematic and narrative techniques from cheaply dramatic genres like soap operas, Hollywood-B movies or musicals, we created a universe of dramatic hyperbole where everything is over the top.

And because of this extreme stylization that spanned everything from the interiors to actors' costumes, style of music and even style of acting, we created a unique universe that was easily adaptable across all media from TVCs to print, outdoor, PPC banners and social.

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Even stickers in the client's HQ are now aligned.

We did not bring only spots to Modrá pyramida

There were already quite a few financial advisory firms in the market already, offering little to no differentiation. All selling “products” for commissions. People were saturated when it came to consulting their finances. We knew we need to narrow down the value proposition from financial advisory to something much more tangible, with more value behind. And we learned that before experimenting with the core proposition, Modra started as a company that “..helps you live better in a fast way”. Simple, to the point. No word of financial advisory. Now more than 15 years later, in the market with housing prices skyrocketing, strict regulatory limiting young people to organize their own housing and investors speculating further for real estate market growth, the original proposition made so much sense again. 


  • Without changing the agreed company vision, together with the client team, we rediscovered the brand essence - moved Modra pyramida from generic Financial advisory to someone who does one thing best: Specialist in housing financing

  • We helped Modra define relevant RTB´s it could deliver immediately and in the longer term, required further services development

  • We defined new mission, easy to be transformed into the story and consumed and amplified both by the client facing staff and the consumers

  • We updated the tone of voice and visual identity of the brand for a better brand story fit and developed new creative concept

  • we have an ongoing project of redesigning customer journeys to be better aligned with the strategy

Real results

  • 16% increase top of mind
  • 3% higher consideration
  • One stabilized strategy

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