About the client

Moje mlsání is a supplier of tasty, guilt-free snacks in an age of unhealthy, unethical and processed food.

When you don't know who you are

Alena and Helena were having troubles with their brand, Natureline.
They didn't know whether they were a health-food business or just
a snack business, or who their target market was.

Ask your customers, they have the answers

Our research revealed a major problem: the name and visual identity of Natureline was not appealing to their customers. What they were selling was totally different from what their customers were expecting.

New name, new visual identity

After the research, we knew what to do. We conducted a workshop together with our client and their customers to come up with new ideas for the name. We chose “Moje mlsání”.

  • New logo
    Slide 1
  • New illustrations
    Slide 2
  • Brand Guide
    Slide 3
  • Brand Guide
    Slide 4
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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Completely redesigned website

We redesigned the site and turned it into a very simple e-shop where customers can fill their baskets with a wide selection of health-snack products.

The photos and content will
make your mouth water. Yum yum!

Real results

  • Clear Positioning
    and proposition
  • New Identity created
    with customers
  • 18€ Average order
    value on site
  • Open Door for retail

"The cooperation with Brains was all the time excellent. We appreciated the young point of view on our healthy snack business."

Foto Alena and Helena

Alena and Helena,
Owners, Moje mlsání

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