About the client

Nazuby.cz are dental hygiene specialists and have been so for 11 years. They have already built an expert reputation and their aim is not only business growth, but also education about dental hygiene.

What we did together

The most successful dental hygiene eshop nobody is looking for

Nazuby.cz had roughly a 10% share and around 50 000 customers in 2017 and 2018, which placed it at the top of the pack. But in spite of this success, only 320 people a month used Google to specifically look up the brand.

That's why they decided to join forces with us and create their first ever brand awareness campaign to boost their overall growth.

Together we set three targets:

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We defined the optimal target groups for our offer as follows

The primary target group were people who already take good care of their teeth but don't buy dental hygiene products online unlike other types of goods. The other target group were people between the ages of 24 to 65 who were already buying dental hygiene products online, sometimes with us, but more often not. They appreciate a wide range of products and good customer support. In our campaign, we decided to position Nazuby.cz as a dental hygiene specialist with a wide portfolio and expert consultants who will help you take the best possible care of your teeth.

Creative concept and breaking the mold

In the Czech Republic, there has been no distinctive campaign in this very specific category for at least ten years. We have therefore decided to go with a distinctive, left-field approach that would set the brand apart from the typical clichés of the category; product demos, doctors in white coats and smiling people with perfect teeth.

In the end, we created a set of personified teeth, characters in surreal “teeth costumes” and told stories about life in their owner's mouth. And since teeth really don't have it easy and often have to, literarily, grit and bear it, we always stressed that they deserved the best possible care. 

And so our brand got a new, distinctive and relevant symbol it could use across all its channels. All together we created three videos that were gradually released and seeded online.

Real results

  • Doubled Google brand
  • 1449 post view
  • 19,6 % brand
    favorability growth
  • One memorable
    brand motive

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