About the client

V-PODLAHY is one of the first & largest flooring companies in the Czech Republic. Number one in B2B segment.

Great potential but unclear direction

Decades of growth on the wholesale market, power and willingness to go on. New business opportunity presented itself on the end market so V-PODLAHY started building and promoting various brands simultaneously to the end customer. We were asked to help them with one project but soon understood the real challenge stood somewhere else. To further effectively grow they needed to choose only one direction out of many. How did we help them do it?

Opportunity seen on the end market as B2B market was already penetrated & stagnating.
Very many brands fighting for attention. Partly due to historical development but also by large size of V-PODLAHY portfolio.

We first co-created a functional brand ecosystem. Then we build on it.

To make clear where to invest time and money, we ran a workshop to agree on the direction and key priorities. As we gained trust during the process, we then put in a methodology, conducted research on which we could build and implement a functional brand strategy. To achieve that we also needed to get 3 other agencies working for V-PODLAHY coordinated, and create a B2C e-shop and campaigns. We also didn't forget about vital B2B partnerships.

Let's invest in one brand to get the best performance

People tend to remember flooring company names rather than specific product brands, because there are literally hundreds of floor and carpet brands on the market on which people actually shop only a few times in the lifetime. What we found interesting - flooring companies brands on the Czech market were still fairly undeveloped. What we found even more interesting - we identified a large “do it yourself” segment that V-PODLAHY could never reach only by the traditional B2B cooperation because these people would simply buy and install floor by themselves or with help from their friends. We therefore jointly decided to invest time and money only to V-PODLAHY brand while limiting communication of other brands around the company.

The research showed enormous opportunity as flooring companies brands on czech market were fairly unknown and also that people are mixing flooring company brands with product names.
Enormous B2C market potential identified amplified by large “Do it yourself” segment.

Thanks to the research, we were able to choose amongst customer insights and build a brand that is relevant to their needs.

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    “To choose a new floor is a big decision
    I do only a few times in my life, but I'm using it everyday.
    And if i choose or install it inappropriately,
    it will get on my nerves for another 25 years years.”

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    “We are the expert on floors and carpets,
    with help of whom it always turns out great.”

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    We help people to enjoy their floor even after decades.

How we made the strategy: company stakeholder & customer in-depth interviews, online market research, mystery shopping, steering & brand workshops, many hours of data analysis, brainstorming sessions, calls, and even more flipchart pages and slides.

When all set, we started communicating the brand

Amongst many other implementing projects, we had to quickfix the website while creating the new B2C website e-shop as we needed to better reach the large “Do it yourself” segment identified by our research and help these people easily choose, buy and install the right floor.

How we changed everything during COVID period

To let the people know about V-PODLAHY, we prepared a one year communication plan and visuals for outdoor campaigns. But then the COVID-19 hit the country we had to re-think the whole concept and do it fast to remain relevant. Within a few days we delivered an online campaign, adviced and inspired people during the virus crisis.

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The new focus needs to be introduced and explained

A new end-customer focus was a big mindset shift for the company which team has been focused mainly on B2B market since 26 years ago. It was therefore more than important to explain the brand attributes to them and inspire the team for the new era. Because if the brand strategy was to be successful we needed to unite the team as each team member represents the brand in the eyes of customer. To do so we created a practical guide that helps all team members to find their way around the V-PODLAHY brand.

During the cooperation we also trained the marketing team in online communication and became strategic partners for the management.

We also didn't forget about the very important B2B market on which the company has grown up. Based on our research we created and delivered a campaign to acquire new customers amongst professionals and prepared a targetlist of other target groups to focus on later.

Real results

  • Aligned where to invest
  • Key value
    proposition found
  • Start online
  • Co-op continues

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