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Vivantis is one of the biggest Czech e-shop with fashion, cosmetics and accessories. In 2018, we prepared a playful brand campaign for every sad girl under the Christmas tree.

What we did together

Sad Girls’ Happy Song

How to create an effective and positive Christmas campaign on a budget during a time when everyone around you is launching campaigns? This was the task we - a joint team of the marketing department of the lifestyle e-shop Vivantis, the marketing agency Brain One and spot production Bumerang Film - were facing exactly one year ago.

We knew we wanted to collaboratively create a campaign which would bring customers joy and positive inspiration. A campaign the customers could relate to and would have a reason to look it up themselves and share it with their friends. We also had to keep in mind that our total budget was only slightly over 2 300 000 CZK.

This resulted in Sad Girls’ Song, a happy and entertaining brand campaign, which makes fun of getting presents from our loved ones. With over 4 000 shares, 76 500 000 impressions, and 38.3 % in-stream video views, it has been so far the most successful campaign of Vivantis. The story of the campaign began already in 2015.

Specialized e-shops and cannibalism

When Vivantis launched its umbrella e-shop of the same name in 2015, combining products from the specialized e-shops Krása.cz, Hodinky.cz, Parfémy.cz, Šperky.cz, and the no longer existing Minidoplňky.cz, it resulted in several benefits. This led to more elegant cross-selling and up-selling of products, margin increase, higher customer loyalty, the opportunity for expansion under one brand, etc.

However, what was highly positive to managers, on one hand, did not mean anything to customers on the other. If Vivantis relied solely on performance marketing similarly as it did with the specialized e-shops, new customers would not notice any significant changes. Furthermore, an incorrect setup might present the risk of mutual cannibalization of the e-shops and rapid increase of the cost of customer acquisition. This meant we needed to come up with a new approach.

At that time, Vivantis decided to join forces with the Brain One marketing agency. This launched a very close and interlinked cooperation between both teams, which is still ongoing.

Get to know your customer

The Vivantis experience together with a handful of collected data, enabled us to create a simple segmentation analysis based on confidence level and the relationship with each of the product categories. We found our mainstream target group seeks conformity in the lifestyle segment – they buy established brands and play it safe. This gave us the main insight, which we managed to verify in practice as well. The insight being that Vivantis should not only sell things, but it should first and foremost INSPIRE.

At that moment, the competition was using the concept of Inspiration as well. However, while others did not go below the surface level, together with Vivantis we decided to invest in the quality and depth of topics. We tailored articles and fashion stories to the target group and we also redesigned the website with regard to the content visibility. Thanks to a strong response, we suspected that alongside with the pure performance strategy of the specialized e-shops, we could build the full-fledged and inspirational brand Vivantis, which would bring added value to customers without negatively impacting the specialized e-shops.

The Vivantis brand is born

We had a budget of 1.5 million Czech crowns for testing the new functional brand communication, which also had to include media, visuals, and media budget.

Due to budget restraints, we prepared the first campaign “Unforgettable Presents” at the home of Hanka, the Marketing Director. Even though the production team managed to burn through Hanka’s floor, the campaign itself slightly exceeded 2 000 000 CZK of measurable turnover and reached 19 800 new customers. The branded search on Google increased by 100 % and the interest in the brand among the viewers, who had seen the new brand video, increased by 700 %.

From the short-term perspective, the first campaign did not pay for itself. From the long-term perspective, however, we could feel the increase in the number of orders as well as great potential for further development. Despite initial skepticism, the upper management slowly started to believe that the branding approach made sense and gave us the green light to further develop the campaign.

Christmas Campaign 2016 "Unforgettable Gifts"
Christmas Campaign 2017 "Gifts that will always please"

Trials, errors, and improvement

In 2016, we searched for proof that branded campaigns can have a real business impact. In 2017 and 2018, we improved and optimized campaigns, learned to work with different formats, and we got to know the target group more deeply. The maximum pressure on performance taught us to be creative and to use every crown and touchpoint effectively.

Nonetheless, everything did not go according to plan. For instance, at one point, we wanted to save money on music and we used the services of an audio library. When we then heard the same song from the spots of our competition just a few weeks before launching the campaign, we spent several sleepless nights in the editing room.

Gradually, however, we succeeded in proving that brand communication can be one of the main long-term factors in the growth of the e-shop. We managed to reduce the cost of performance campaigns by 24 % year-on-year and the number of people searching for the brand via search engine increased by 186 %. Most significantly, we managed to increase turnover by 68 % while keeping the ratio of marketing costs the same. We were getting ready to use all this experience for Christmas 2018.

Meticulous work of both teams

Choosing a present for a woman should not be so hard. Nonetheless, many women get things such as a juicer, a knife or bed sheets every year. However, women usually do not want to find what they need under the Christmas tree, but what they really want. That is why the new creative concept of a “manifesto” came into being in the form of Sad Girls’ Song.

We felt that this time we would need to move communication to a higher level. Both teams have trusted each other over the years and so we decided to take a little risk and invest a part of the limited budget in a professional music composer. It was a risk, which would cost us dearly in case of failure, but the first listen assured us that we were on the right track.

We had to pinch pennies when investing. We therefore waited, did not rush into the final spot production immediately, and we started to thoroughly inspect each and every point of interaction. The goal was to get our central idea into the spots in time and to avoid any potentially expensive reshoots. This lead to the creation of complex net of communication channels aimed for the central point in the form of a microsite.

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    Christmas campaign 2018 - key visuals Sad Girls’ Song

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Thorough media planning

The main channel was YouTube, where we used bumpers, classic skippable spots, and discovery format as well. We linked it with our scenarios so we could gradually tell users the story and phase the campaign at the preferred pace. We reached for every type of format offered on Facebook and Instagram. We produced the campaign in wide, high, and square format because we wanted to take full advantage of the specifics of each network. We did not forget to also take advantage of the autoplay without sound and we added subtitles to the spots because of it.

The communication was accompanied by articles, competitions, and fashion stories. We also used offline channels such as a catalog included with every delivery, SMS or web inspiration, which was a source of ideas even for our customer service. We asked bloggers for help as well, each one of them with different content, but the same fundamental message.

Leoš approved

Even though we did not originally expect it, we could afford to pay for radio with our budget in the end. Even there, we went for several formats, from classic spots and competitions to interviews or designated broadcast, for which we gave the hosts enough source material for the campaign and the topic itself.

The biggest surprise came when Leoš Mareš voluntarily put our spot Sad Girls‘ Song for free in the 3in1 show of the Evropa 2 radio, where he was a guest. Awesome!

72 % above expectations

Compared to the previous Christmas we reached 192 % more views with a 12 % bigger budget. The plan was exceeded by 76 500 000 views, which equals to 72 %.

The 4 000 shares on social sites was not the only proof of our success to fulfill our personal goal and create a positive counterweight to classic Christmas campaigns. It was mainly the series of enthusiastic comments and messages from those who listened to Sad Girls‘ Song on their way to work or used it as a ringtone.

We even sparked a bit of controversy. When dozens of men and women started to fiercely protest that getting a drill for Christmas is unrealistic, the discussions started to heat up. More and more fans began to take our side and shared their personal stories about bizarre presents from their loved ones. This snowballed into a new organic extend.

The campaign was without doubt the biggest success in the history of the Vivantis brand. It proved to us that with a correct long-term understanding of the target group and interlinked cooperation of both teams in the preparatory phase, brand communication can be the main source of growth of an e-shop.

Real results

  • 192% increase
    of ad views
  • 72% exceeding
    of plan
  • 4 000 shares
    on social media
  • Most- successful
    Vivantis's campaign

„Our team and Brain have cooperated seamlessly for more than 3 years. They understand our needs and are a major aid in imparting our vision to our customers. Their innovative approach works.“

Foto Martin Rozhoň

Martin Rozhoň,
CEO, Vivantis

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